We first explored the concept of Poppin Joe's™ Gourmet Kettle Korn in October 2000. Poppin Joe's™ Gourmet Kettle Korn was officially launched in April 2005 with Joe Steffy as the sole propietor and was established to provide Joe, a young adult with DS-ASD, the opportunity to operate and manage his own business. By doing so, Joe has developed an excellent work ethic and realizes the value of good, hard work.

Supported by a loving family, Joe's business continues to grow each year. Poppin Joe's™ Gourmet Kettle Korn can now be found poppin' at Walmarts, fairs, craft shows, car shows and events. In addition, Poppin Joe's™ is involved in raising funds for charitable organizations and is enjoyed at snack and office locations throughout the United States of America.

Poppin Joe's™ proudly supports our troops in Iraq by shipping numerous bags of Gourmet Kettle Korn overseas for their enjoyment.

Be sure to check our calendar page or contact us to have Poppin Joe's™ Gourmet Kettle Korn at your next event or fundraiser.

Special News & Honors:

• http://www.thebrunswicknews.com/life/poppin-joe-s-sweetens-possibilities-for-disabled-man/article_56b07c36-b053-5a24-830d-3b4702b4f810.html

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• www.griffinhammis.com

Comments from our Poppin Joe's™ customers...

"Your kettle corn was AWESOME! Thank you all for coming out to help us celebrate."  —Brooke Puhr, Nutrition Services, Saint Luke's Hospital, Kansas City

"Dear Joe, thank you for donating that excellent popcorn to Families Together for their annual conference.  We really enjoyed it.  Thanks!"  —Tavrick (who has DS) and Anita

"Dear Joe,  I recently had the pleasure of sampling your popcorn that was on display during our company’s annual Autism Speaks meeting. I just finished a bag and was so moved by the deliciousness of the popcorn I had to write an email to say…thank you! Thank you for such a great product. I am proud of you. Take care!"   -Kesha Lawson

"Thank you for the Popcorn! It is the best I've ever had." B and the gang.

"Thanks so much! My son loved the popcorn!" 

"You guys are inspirational."

"Very important. Didn't realize all that went into getting a business started."


"Good job, Joe."

"Very well presented."

"Beautiful story. Inspiritional. Thank you for sharing. I am also a parent of a son with a disability — you bring hope and courage. Good luck with your business."

"Great! Makes me think there is possibility of self-employment for my son!"

"On behalf of the Center for Disabilities thank you for being part of our symposium. Not only was the popcorn a big hit, but so many comments were made on your willingess to share your story and to be open for questions. May we cross paths in the future."

"Just 'Poppin in' to say thank you for supporting TBF with tons of delicious kettle corn. You have an amazing product, a beautiful family and a story that inspires us all. Hope we have the privilege to meet you all soon." 

"The popcorn arrived safely and was a big hit at our Transition Summit."

"The can of kettle korn is beautiful!"

"It is the BEST popcorn I have ever had!"

"The popcorn is so good we couldn't stop eating it."

"It's excellent popcorn!"

"Our whole office has devoured the kettle korn, and enjoyed it immensely."

"I love my kettle korn and have been telling Joe's story to everyone."